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“Testing the new Mercedes X-Class”

Most of the people who know me, know I am a pretty big fan of all kind of cars, SUV’s in particular. So, when I got the call to drive the new Mercedes X-Class for a couple of days and put it to the test, well.. I can tell you, that was a no brainer […]


Kite Sessions in Cuba

Uncharted Kite Sessions is breaking new ground this fall and heading to the once unreachable Cuban coastline this November 2016 with world ranked #2 and two time world champion Youri Zoon for an epic six day kite camp adventure. We explore the best of Cuban kite surfing on this kite adventure by setting up camp […]

Warm welcome on the Maledives

I received a message from Maafushi Dive and Watersport; If I would be interested to come over to Maldives.  After some e-mail exchanges I was up in the air and on my way to Male, the capital of Maldives. The trip to Male is pretty easy. From Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi and an other 3 […]


Travelling.. Travelling and more travelling..

Over the last couple of weeks I have been travelling like crazy. From Puerto Rico to Ireland, Greece, Maldives and USA. But what have I been doing on those trips? Most of them were demo’s or clinics.  During demo days it’s mainly promoting the brands I ride for.  Like Slingshot, Brunotti and Lifeproof.  With the […]


A Weekend With Youri Zoon (by Patrick de Man)

It all started with an email to fellow Dutch native Youri Zoon saying, “I am a Dutch guy in Puerto Rico. Would you be interested in coming over to give clinics to the kiting kids here?” A quick reply with a positive answer and it was only a few weeks until he was here. In […]

First comp of 2016

First competition of the year is always a though cookie, you never know what everybody has been doing and what they will show in the competition! This year, before the first competition, I decided to come a week earlier. Getting used tot the conditions and train a little more. In the end it was a […]

The next generation

This year again, we are looking for the “Biggest Talent” in and around Holland.. Are you up for it? Are you younger than 18 years old and ready to push your level of kiteboarding to the highest level? Sign in! What’s it all about? Like last year, we will have 10 trainingsweekends. When the wind […]



Check out the all new RDP to get everybody on board! Stoked to be part of this great team. We can’t make you a better rider, but we can help you enjoy to becoming one! Check it out! #getonboard #brunotti #allboardsports #BrunottiRDP

The Barbados Life

A couple weeks ago I got invited by Brian Talma to come over to Barbados. He is the organizer of the event “Beach Culture World Cup”. Brian is an all time legend in the windsurfing world and has been competing many many years. A little intro on “The Beach Culture World Cup” This event is […]


New: Brunotti RDP

After 11 amazing years with Mystic, it was time to leave this brand as well. Brunotti developed and created there own waterwear line called RDP. Like Mystic, Brunotti and I have been working together for 11 years as well. As you can imagine that decision was very hard to make. In the end I think you […]