Gombe State Ministry Of Health Bond Agreement

He said: “You can`t quantify the nature of knowledge and expertise. What has happened normally is that many doctors in the state make their two-year bond, hone their skills and leave the state after their enlistment. The doctor said that those of them who signed the loan were placed in college with N18,000 before the new minimum wage on GL-5 and move to GL-7 in the fourth part of their study with N24,500 payment. “The agreements have reached an advanced stage to obtain accreditation for the commencement of internship training for newly graduated physicians at the National Specialty Hospital, which would go a long way in improving the workforce at the facility.” Mohammed believes the state government will likely reap more when a doctor returns to serve as a specialist in his attachment rather than serving as a young doctor. “It`s not like paying a salary, but a fundamental support to help them in their studies with the agreement to work for the state once the NYSC is over. So far, it has taken two years, but verified to five years. But after some agitation and reflection, it was reduced to three years. It provides that you will work with the state government for three years after the NYSC. If you do not, you are expected to transfer the money and support fund that will be used for the training.

It really helped the state to work, but it has its own drawbacks. CHIMA AZUBUIKE writes about the torments of Gombe doctors who give up employment in the state to seek a better deal He said he would encourage many others to follow their path, especially if they had the same intention as him, adding that his intention was to train as an advisor and return to the state. Although this administration has started to pay, some are due to two or three. He said: “I commend the current government led by Governor Inuwa Yahaya because it has done a lot in the health sector, unlike the previous government. Two years ago, when we campaigned as the new leaders of the National Order of Nigerian Physicians, one of the critical issues we highlighted was that of the hospital`s board of directors and we spoke with the current governor during the election campaign. We talked to him about the need for HMB in the state. He promised, and now we can say that it is a promise that has been kept because he has already signed it by law. All bottlenecks ranging from assistance to MWC upgrade were on site and would have resolved it. There is evidence that Governor Yahaya began to develop infrastructure. What doctors are agitated now is well-being.

The number of doctors in the state has decreased, as many doctors leave for several reasons. “He said that instead of staying for two years, which was what his loan from work with the land government planned, he worked for three years. He also invited the affluent people of the state to support the health sector and said that the government alone cannot provide basic services for the health sector. He added that although the NMA has urged the state government to make the loan flexible, there are those whose desire not to reside so that such people can lag behind. .