Tids Funding Agreement

Each RRTG receives an annual allocation of TIDS funds, set by the Roads and Transport Alliance Board. RRTGs are required to allocate their TIDS funds to road and transport projects with the highest priority in their region and to match TIDS funding at 50:50 (minimum). The Alliance for Roads and Transport is supported by the Transport Infrastructure Development Programme (TIDS). TIDS was created in the mid-1990s as part of the Transportation Infrastructure Act (2004) and allows the ministry to allocate funds to local government road and transportation initiatives that support the government`s objectives. The Regional Road and Transport Groups (RRTGs) are made up of elected officials from local authorities and a district director from the Ministry of Transport and Major Roads. RRTGs collaborate on regional planning and prioritization of investments in road and transportation infrastructure, including allocating financial resources to priority projects and identifying opportunities for financial efficiency. There are currently 17 RRTGs in Queensland (PDF, 1.56 MB). The alliance is working under a Memorandum of Understanding, with the fourth current iteration being the Roads and Transport Alliance Agreement 2018-2023. The agreement defines the principles and rules of governance governing the functioning of the alliance and formalizes the cooperation needed to achieve the most effective results beyond the common transport interests of states and municipalities. RRTGs, with the assistance of a technical committee responsible for planning, prioritizing and managing investments on a given road network, called “local roads of regional importance” (LRRS), are also able to meet the investment needs of other transport infrastructure considered important to the region.

RTGs are able to influence investment decisions in other road networks and have a coordinating role in asset management, pooling, resource allocation and skills skills enhancement on behalf of local communities and the Ministry of Transport and Major Roads. The Roads and Transport Alliance is a cooperative governance agreement between the Department of Transport and Major Roads, the Queensland Government Local Association (LGAQ) and local governments to invest in and manage Queensland`s transport system at the regional level. Established in 2002, the Roads and Transportation Alliance was created to address the challenges of transportation and transportation and to improve the benefits of all available resources. The Alliance publishes an annual progress report, usually in October.