Hvac Maintenance Agreement Pricing

A FULL LABOR contract covers all necessary work for repairs or replacements as well as for maintenance, but you are responsible for the parts. A hlK service contract that includes the total cost of labour as a contract that only covers preventative maintenance. We are the first to work for maintenance and service agreements with HLK. One of the most important things you can do for the longevity of your mechanical systems, the safety and comfort of your occupants, as well as controlling the construction costs associated with your heating and cooling systems, is to ensure that an experienced HC technician inspects and regularly waits for your mechanical system. Some C.C.C. companies base maintenance contracts on work to carry out only inspections, tests and cleanings. But there are consumables that need to be replaced from time to time, such as air filters, belts and joints. Note that it`s not always the best idea to sign a maintenance contract when your CCC system has regular problems. Major repairs are covered by your warranty, so check the fine print. While some of these agreements may save you some money in the long run, others may be a waste of money depending on what is in the contract itself.

First of all, you can`t apply a one-size-fits-all mentality to your maintenance plans. Different clients have different budgets and needs. But on the one hand, offering a basic preventative maintenance contract is a good starting point. This is the cheapest option for business structures that still offer long-term services. Most of the time, your professionals will only work on cleaning and inspection rather than on a larger service. In some cases, you can`t even include the cost of small spare parts in the contract (filters, etc.). Most contracts cost between $150 and $500 per year. Consider the amount of a repair order and consider the likelihood of your new AC unit collapsing within a year. Not probably more than once, but even. While we recommend HK and general preventative maintenance, unlike no maintenance or delay, there are some things you want to ask before you sign up for a HVAC maintenance program.