“Testing the new Mercedes X-Class”

Most of the people who know me, know I am a pretty big fan of all kind of cars, SUV’s in particular. So, when I got the call to drive the new Mercedes X-Class for a couple of days and put it to the test, well.. I can tell you, that was a no brainer for me ha-ha!

After I picked up the car from the Mercedes Benz Headquarters in Holland, I of course took it straight down to the beach. I have been driving pickups and SUV’s ever since I got my driver’s license, so this was a great test for me if the car would live up to my standards.

In a car there are a few things that are very important for me as kite surfer. The biggest is probably the loading space for my gear, how it handles on the beach (can I get there or not?) and of course the drive on the road. One thing we sometimes forget is that also a luxurious inside is a very nice plus since I am not always on the beach, but I attend meetings as well.

Luckily the X-Class is ticking all those boxes! Well done Mercedes!

As you can see on the photo above, it easily fits all my gear and more, and I can tell you.. I have a lot ha-ha! There really is nothing better than to park right at the spot and rig up next to your car.

The beach performance is great with the 4H and 4L and it drives easily on the beach and takes you anywhere where you want to be at that moment.

Even though I travel the world so much, I still drive a fair bit of kilometers per year. I think roughly 30.000, so it’s safe to say that the road performance was and  still is very important to me. And I can honestly say that the Mercedes X-Class has the best road performance of all the pickups I have been driving!

So overall I am well surprised by the first luxurious pickup from Mercedes Benz! I think this story will have a continuation, so keep an eye out on my blog.

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