Warm welcome on the Maledives

I received a message from Maafushi Dive and Watersport; If I would be interested to come over to Maldives.  After some e-mail exchanges I was up in the air and on my way to Male, the capital of Maldives.

The trip to Male is pretty easy. From Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi and an other 3 hours flying, there you are at this beautiful location.



When I arrived at Male, there was a really warm welcome with a VIP treatment. The YZ boat was ready to take us to Maafushi Island.

When we arrived at Maafushi we got an even better welcome, the whole island came to the dock to welcome us. Incredible!  From the dock straight to the beach and ready to hit the water for a little demo of freestyle kiteboarding.  The next day the camp started, with 8 riders from several different island. The group was amazing and some really dedicated riders.

During the camp we had wind every single day, which turned out great! They all improved their skills.

After the 5 days of training they arranged a very nice stay in the Four Seasons for us to taste a little bit of the luxury part of Maldives.  It was amazing to see this 2 sides of Maldives, the local side and the luxury side.

Most of the people think there is no wind in Maldives, either I have been extremely lucky or there is definitely wind! I have been riding 6 out of 7 days. Amazing what a great experience this was.