Travelling.. Travelling and more travelling..

Over the last couple of weeks I have been travelling like crazy.
From Puerto Rico to Ireland, Greece, Maldives and USA.

But what have I been doing on those trips?

Most of them were demo’s or clinics.  During demo days it’s mainly promoting the brands I ride for.  Like Slingshot, Brunotti and Lifeproof.  With the clinics I basically train people for 4 or 5 days.  Teaching kiters new tricks and developing their riding.  If you want this as well check this link: http://www.yourizoon.com/coaching/




At the moment I am in the USA at Real Water Sports for a Slingshot demo.  After that I will be on route to San Fransisco for another demo.  The last stop of this trip will be Cabarete in the Dominican Republic for the first WKL event.


For more info on WKL events please check out:



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