First comp of 2016


First competition of the year is always a though cookie, you never know what everybody has been doing and what they will show in the competition!

This year, before the first competition, I decided to come a week earlier. Getting used tot the conditions and train a little more.
In the end it was a wise decision, I had wind every single day and was able to get more used to my ‘new’ gear and the conditions.

I had a small routine going on every day. In the morning some gymsessions and a very active kitesession in the afternoon.
I trained like 45 min to 1 hour on the water, not that long but very intense in a short time.

Once we got closer to the comp unfortunately the forecast started to drop down a little more. And it was looking like we were only having 2 days of wind.

1st day of the comp started off with the trials which they started with sunrise already. My heat was up around 10am in the morning so had some time to prepare everything. My heat didn’t go well, I rode very safe and wasn’t really pushing myself. It felt like I was riding about 50% of what I am capable of. I knew I had a second change so no harm done there, I just had to push it hard in the next heats. I did starting to pull my doubles and getting high scores on my singles as well.



Once I got to the quarter final I knew I could pull it off to get on the podium. In the semi final I rode a solid heat with 3 proper doubles, a solid backmobe 5 and frontblind mobes. This put me in the final against Carlos Mario Bebe from Brazil.

Once the final started the wind started shiffting and dropping a bit. The first part of the heat being good on a 12m and the second part a bit under, I still decided to make it work. Unfortunatly i was lacking a bit of power in my tricks. And that is something I am not a big fan of!
So unfortunately I only had an very average heat.

Nevertheless I am still grateful and most of all extremely stoked to be on the podium again in the beginning of this year.



I hope I can manage the rest of the year like this as well. An other big ups to everyone who made this event possible and the hospitality from the Egyptian people!

Untill next time!