Master Of Subscription Agreement

4.5 Payment agent. If you pay by credit card or other payment instruments, the services provide an interface for the account holder to change the credit card information (z.B when renewing the card). Payments by credit card, debit card or certain other payment instruments for the Zendesk service are billed and processed by Zendesk`s payment agent. You allow the payment agent to pre-charge your credit card or other payment instrument at regular intervals, in accordance with the terms of the service plan for services and the periodic subscription fees for related services provided, to which you subscribe until the end of your subscription to the Services, and you also agree to pay the subscription fee thus generated. If so, you allow Zendesk and the payment agent to debit your credit card or any other means of payment to create a prepaid credit. The account holder receives a receipt each time the payment is accepted by the payment agent or receives a receipt within the Services to track the status of the subscription. To the extent that the payment agent is not Zendesk, the payment agent acts exclusively as a settlement and processing agent for and on Behalf of Zendesk and is not construed as the provision of the corresponding service. The payment agent uses an external intermediary to manage credit card processing and this intermediary is not allowed to store, store or use your billing information, except to process your credit card information for the payment agent. 6.3 Expenses in arre with them. If an undisputed amount of the invoice has not been received until the due date, (a) these fees may be delayed up to 1.5% of the remaining balance due per month or the maximum rate allowed by law, depending on the lower date, b) we may condition future subscription extensions and order forms to shorter payment terms than those in Section 6.2 (bill and payment) and/or c) We may require you to pay collection or legal fees that we will be charged.