Dutch Cohabitation Agreement

Unless otherwise stated in a matrimonial agreement, marriage takes place automatically in the “general property community,” which means that all assignments of property and debt between the spouses, including property acquired before marriage, estates and gifts, are carried out. A marital agreement can be reached before the marriage. It must be written by a notary and registered in a matrimonial register with the commune where the marriage announcement is made. It is also possible to enter into a post-uptial agreement during the marriage. -If you separated and had children, then the submission would not be automatically ordered, unless another agreement was reached. The civil notary Houtepen will discuss with you what you have agreed through your cohabitation contract. We will discuss your wishes in detail so that your life contract corresponds to both your current situation and your future situation. Make an appointment for an informal interview, without obligation. If there is an agreement on cohabitation, the parties must formally terminate the contract, usually by sending a recommendation. At the end of the contract, the parties must distribute each common property in accordance with the terms of the cohabitation agreement. Marriage, partnership or partnership? What`s best for your situation? If you opt for a marriage or life partnership, you enter into a formal relationship.

The Chancellor of Births, Deaths and Marriages will explain that a marriage and life partnership ends when a partner dies or in the event of a divorce. If you want to live together without establishing a formal relationship, a cohabitation agreement is not mandatory, but it is advisable. Another option in the Netherlands is an agreement on cohabitation. It is a written agreement that clarifies some of the issues related to cohabitation. It makes sense for a notary to develop an official contract. In some cases, you may need a notarized cohabitation agreement to benefit from certain benefits, such as partner pension plans and ancillary benefits. Of course, it is possible to live together as a couple without official agreement. However, please note that cohabitation, even without formal agreement, will have some impact on the rules of certain institutions, such as the Dutch tax authorities. For example, cohabitation with someone could affect your benefits, allowances and tax returns.

In practice, there remains some uncertainty as to the differences between a registered partnership and cohabitation with a common housing contract.