What Is Cartel Agreement In Chinese

By the end of May 2017, 26 cartel and abuse of dominance cases had been discovered on SAIC`s publishing platform. Here we present several remarkable cases for your reference. 9.1 Please briefly outline significant current or imminent developments in the area of cartel, leniency and/or damage to cartels. 4.4 To what extent will a clemency application be treated confidentially and for how long? To what extent are documents provided by key witnesses disclosed to private parties at trial? Where an inter-professional organisation has breached the provisions of the AML by organising companies in the sector to enter into a monopoly agreement, samr or local PMRD cannot impose a fine of more than 500,000 yuan; In the event of a serious procedure, the registration and management authorities of social organisations may unseal the inter-professional organisation in accordance with the law. First, under saIC rules of procedure, the organizer of an agreement will not be entitled to immunity or a reduction in fines. There is no definition of “organizer.” Referring to the distinction made in Europe between the “instigator” of an agreement (the company responsible for the establishment of the cartel) and the “leader” of the cartel (the company responsible for the “operation” of the cartel), it seems likely that the term “organizer” would take both the instigator and the manager. As has already been said, cartel activities in China will not impose criminal sanctions on businesses or individuals. However, a person may be held criminally liable if he or she provides fraudulent material or information, hides, destroys or removes evidence or obstructs the investigation. After a dawn raid, the supervisory authorities will check the collected documents and will sometimes request additional documents if necessary. As a general rule, at this stage, regulators will disclose the issues they are considering. They will also allow the companies under consideration to submit written statements and defences. Isn`t the blocking of public procurement procedures automatic, as a discretionary sanction or in response to cartel violations? Companies that induce or organize other companies to enter into or implement monopoly agreements, or that prevent other companies from prohibiting illegal practices, cannot exempt them from the sanction, but impose a mitigating sanction.