The next generation

natural high

This year again, we are looking for the “Biggest Talent” in and around Holland..

Are you up for it?
Are you younger than 18 years old and ready to push your level of kiteboarding to the highest level?
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What’s it all about?
Like last year, we will have 10 trainingsweekends.
When the wind is there, riding is priority number 1!
If the conditions are not perfect, we have alternative programs like riding the cable at WakeUp Antwerpen.
Topsport fysio, Leon Meijer, from Kite Medical will give you a lecture about injuries and how to prevent them.
We will help you with preparing for competitions and how to ride them.

A total package to bring your kiteboarding to the next level!

So come join us at the Scouting Day, 3th april at Natural High..

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