Back again at Slingshot

2016.. The year of changes!
After 3 years with Best Kiteboarding I decided to leave the brand and change back to my former sponsor Slingshot.

To achieve greater things it’s important to have the right partner. Unfortunately things didn’t worked out with Best the way we thought it would be. So after 3 years the decision was made. I’m going back to my roots.. Slingshot!

It’s absolutely great to be back on the RPM. Back in 2009 Tony (Slingshot kite desginer) and I worked on the kite and came to the conclusion this was the best kite (for me!).

At that time, 2009, Tony asked me a question ” You think you can win a World Title with this kite?”. 2 years later in 2011, there was his answer! Over all those years the RPM stood his grounds and lots of people loved and still loving the “RPM”.

It’s an amazing feeling to have worked on the kite back then and to ride it again right now.